A plastic kitchen towel roll holder/dispenser for easy one-handed use. The holder stands on the table and is intended for perforated paper.

The Rollmaster represents a totally new design: beautiful, functional and practical.

The Rollmaster is designed to:

* stand firmly, not slide
* not tip over
* break gently, releasing one sheet at a time

Tear off one sheet of paper at a time, easily and gently using Rollmasters unique breaking mechanism and "cutting edge". Ideal for all those one-handed tasks: cooking, baby-care... There is a rubber ring on the base to prevent slipping.

The rollholder is patented in Europe (Nr. 700263) and in the USA (Nr. 5788136).

Material: ABS-plastic, with a core of steel
Colours: white, other colours on request

Height 30 cm | Width Ø 14 cm | Weight 0,8 kg

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